Journalism Resources

Cliches to Avoid via Texas newsroom



  • a chip off the old block
  • a clean slate
  • a dark and stormy night
  • a far cry
  • a fine kettle of fish
  • a good/kind soul
  • a loose cannon
  • a pain in the neck/butt
  • a penny saved is a penny earned
  • a tough row to hoe
  • a word to the wise
  • ace in the hole
  • ace up his sleeve
  • add insult to injury
  • afraid of his own shadow
  • against all odds
  • air your dirty laundry
  • all fun and games
  • all in a day’s work
  • all talk, no action
  • all thumbs
  • all your eggs in one basket
  • all’s fair in love and war
  • all’s well that ends well
  • almighty dollar
  • American as apple pie
  • an axe to grind
  • another day, another dollar
  • armed to the teeth
  • as luck would have it
  • as old as time
  • as the crow flies
  • at my wits end
  • avoid like the plague (more…)

Interviewing: a guide for journalists + writers


From the book:

     Fifteen Key Steps

1. Arrange a couple of interview times.
2. Do your research.
3. Organize your question/keywords.
4. Organize your notepad and equipment.
5. Arrive at the interview early.
6. Get set up and check your equipment again.
7. Ask your icebreaker question.
8. Observe your interviewee and their surroundings.
9. Ask your first question.
10. Don’t forget to listen.
11. Ask the “easy” questions first.
12. Look for off-beat questions.
13. Make time to get anecdotes.
14. Gather essential background.
15. Check your notes.